KMIS-Net is establishing chapters at universities and research centers all over the world. Through it’s chapters KMIS-Net activities have noticeable impact at the local level, national and international levels. The interdisciplinary nature of KMIS-Net chapters allows members to interact with colleagues and work on a range of issues that bridge the scientific disciplines.

The KMIS-Net University Chapter Program is a passionate and talented network of students from universities around the world. Supported by the KMIS-Net, the program fosters an environment for collaboration and open exchange of ideas across all scientific disciplines, spanning campuses and continents. These students represent the next generation of strategic thinkers who shall make great global contributions to the global community.

If there is a chapter at your college or university, we urge you to join. If there isn’t a chapter at your location, you may be just the person to get one started. Now’s the time to use your excitement, expertise and unique scientific perspectives to forge a new path. Join this international student community. Start an KMIS-Net University Chapter today!


Chapter Benefits:

  • University chapter becomes affiliated with KMIS-Net
  • Members receive discounts on publication fees at KMIS-Net Journals, Conferences and Events
  • University chapter receives a copy of Semi Annual Research Newsletter (Journal) Free
  • Publication of research articles in KMIS-Net Semi Annual newsletter
  • KMIS-Net chapter activities are advertised and announced at KMIS-Net Portal
  • Universities founding KMIS-Net chapter receives publicity and exposure through KMIS-Net newsletter, website, events and forums