Thank you for your interest in volunteering with KMIS-Net. As a Network Volunteer, you become a major player in this dynamic and growing global Knowledge Management and Information Sharing Network.

KMIS-Net play an integral role in shaping the future of the global research community. They bring in experiences and talents to manage KMIS-Net projects, programs and initiatives. They help find solutions to the world’s greatest challenges through global cooperation and collaboration.

Below are the KMIS-Net volunteer opportunities available:

  • Volunteer as Advisory Board Member – Play a role in shaping the future of the KMIS-Net by providing guidance, advice and support to KMIS-Net management, volunteers, authors, editors, reviewers and committees members.
  • Volunteer as Author – Author strategic articles, reports, research and white papers and earn global recognition.
  • Volunteer as Editor / Reviewer – Editors and Reviewers provide valuable services to KMIS-Net by helping us control the quality of material published by KMIS-Net through our online and offline media.
  • Volunteer as Conference Committee Member – A distinguished role that help KMIS-Net organize conferences, forums and seminars worldwide.
  • Volunteer as KMIS-Net Hub Board Member – Members of Strategic Research Hubs are key strategic players that help the establishment of KMIS-Net research Hubs and Centers at the regional and country levels.
  • Volunteer as Recruiter of KMIS-Net Honorary Members – KMIS-Net is always looking for Honorary Members to bring in new ideas and projects to KMIS-Net. Help KMIS-Net locate talented researchers worldwide.

Please email us if you are interested in a volunteer opportunity with KMIS-Net.

Please Note: There is no reimbursement for services provided by volunteers to KMIS-Net.