COVID-19 Pandemic Readiness Certification (PRC)

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The American Research Foundation was the first to recognize the importance of creating a body to measure colleges, faculties and school’s readiness to efficiently tackle the COVID-19 pandemic. The Pandemic Readiness Task Force (PRTF) was initiated to handle this process. The Task Force is supervised by the Knowledge Management and Information Sharing for Higher Education (KMIS-Net), a subsidiary of the American Research Foundation.

One of the early tasks of the Pandemic Readiness Task Force (PRTF) was the design of the Pandemic Readiness Certification (PRC), to reflect higher education schools and colleges pandemic readiness, through the implementation of emergency operations plans to protect staff and students from the spread of COVID-19.

The Pandemic Readiness Certification (PRC) is designed to measure the readiness of Colleges and Schools to confront the current COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. PRC certification requirements are based on the Center for Disease Control Considerations for Institutions of Higher Education and the Presidential Policy Directive (PPD) -8 five mission areas: Prevention, Protection, Mitigation, Response, and Recovery.

The Pandemic Readiness Certification (PRC) provides assurance for staff, students, and parents that their school is committed to establishing and maintaining best practices for COVID-19 and beyond.

Certification Benefits

Colleges and Schools holding the PRC Certificate:

  • Demonstrate to global ranking and accreditation organization that they are COVID-19 Pandemic Ready Institution
  • Gain global recognition for their Pandemic Readiness efforts
  • Provides assurance for staff, students and parents that they are committed to establishing and maintaining best health practices
  • Publicly share their institution’s Pandemic Readiness Certificate
  • Receive support from PRC mentors to ensure the accuracy of their self-evaluation report before it is submitted for review
  • Use the self-evaluation report to measure their institution’s current Pandemic Readiness status and create a baseline for continuous improvement
  • Certificates are deposited in the Blockchain and receive a Time Stamp for Autheticity and Verification by interested parties

Certification Requirements

Colleges and Schools aim to become certified must successfully demonstrate proficiency in the following areas:

  1. Preparedness & Planning
  2. Endorsing Behaviors to Reduce Spread
  3. Maintaining Healthy Environments
  4. Maintaining Healthy Operations
  5. Prepare for Sick Cases

Certification Roadmap

Following is the road map to COVID-19 Pandemic Readiness Certification:

1. Membership

Membership in KMIS-Net is the first step towards certification. All higher education colleges and schools can participate in the PRC program by registering their interest to become a member with KMIS-Net.

*Secondary, post-secondary and tertiary institutions are also welcome to join the program.

2. Submit your College Self Evaluation Checklist

Once you receive your membership status, you can access the certification guidelines, receive support from KMIS-Net staff, and submit your self-evaluation checklist. The filled checklist determines if your school has its control measures in place and provides an opportunity to submit relevant documentation.

3. Audit (Online – Onsite)

KMIS-Net shall assign an expert working in your area to audit your school whether remotely or on-site, which is appropriate and proportionate to the size of your school. The audit establishes whether your school meet the PRC accreditation guidelines.

4. Approval and Certification

KMIS-Net expert shall file a formal report to PRTF executive committee and a decision shall be made to grant your school the PRC certification upon successfully demonstrating full compliance with the PRC requirements for certification.

In the event that further corrective actions are required, these will be specified and evidence must be provided for assessment prior to final certification.

Timeframe to Achieve the Certification

It is anticipated that the timeframe for completion should be 2 or more weeks depending on the level of preparedness of the organization.

Program Fees

Membership fees with the KMIS is set at an annual rate of $1250 USD. The table below outlines the fees for PRC application, site visit and certification.

  Certification Phase KMIS Member Non-Member
Self-Review Report Submission $1950 USD $3750 USD
Online Audit * $1850 USD $3250 USD
PRC Certificate Issuing $1900 USD $3450 USD
* On-Site audit fees depend on size, location, and structure of the institution

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