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Instructions for participants

Abstracts and full paprs are to be sent in Microsoft Word format at the following e-mail address:


Research papres need to be formatted according to the following templates

  • English Language Papers - Click here to download file
  • Arabic Language Papers - Click here to download file
  • Turkish Language Papers - Click here to download file
  • The research must be in accordance with the scientific methodology
  • All research papers shall be subject to peer review
  • Conference papers shall be published in a special issue in the sub programs of the Global Proceedings Repository "Arab Conference Network®" and "Turkish Conference Network®", programs of the American Research Foundation® indexed at the Library of Congress, WorldCat and Google Scholar, with an ISSN 2476-017X and shall be assigned a DOI by Crossref.org
  • Research accepted in previous conferences or accepted for publication in scientific journals are not accepted
  • The main languages of the conference are English, Arabic and Turkish
  • For conference fees Please Click Here!

To participate, please send your search paper or abstract to the following e-mail:


Call for Participation

The Arab Conference Network®, the first Arab Conference Proceedings Repository and a program of Middle East Reserach Hub® under the American Reserach Foundation® invites authors and reserachers to participate in its 9th Scientific Academic Conference under the umbrella of the Arab Middle East Open Access Initiative scheduled to take place in Istanbul, Turkey on July 17-18, 2018, through participation with high quality research papers that shall contribute to the advancement of scientific research in all fields and branches of social, human and natural sciences

Objectives of the Conference

The conference aims at presenting the views of researchers involved, their analytical vision of the social, human and natural sciences and their recent developments, and the impact of these developments on human progress. The conference will also discuss the most important issues facing researchers in the Middle East. A group of speakers will present pioneering initiatives in the region, including the Arab Middle East Declaration of Open Access, the Impact Factor of Research and the Role of the Arab Conference Network and its Development, and the Arab Scholar Portal as a Scientific Social Portal that supports communication among Arab researchers and the exchange of views to support Scientific research at the regional level. The conference shall issue the recommendations of its participants, which shall be published in the global recommendations repository "Andromeda®".

17 - 18 July



Keynote Speakers

Fifth : - Funding opportunities

There is no doubt that the researchers seek through their scientific output, which focuses on their research interests, which are often solutions to contemporary problems, to obtain the appropriate funding to develop these ideas and solutions to a tangible reality that gives them a material income that helps them achieve their dreams and see their achievements come before their eyes. Since their research is available on the Arab Conferencing Network®, the opportunity to appear online and be accessed by investors and researchers is greater than before, as the number of visitors to the daily network and subscribers to the mailing list is a significant number and is increasing day by day and this will increase the chances of getting offers from the people And entrepreneurs to participate with them in the development of these ideas and turn them into successful projects .

Services provided to participants through the Arab Conference Network ®

The Arab Network of Conferences is one of the initiatives of the Middle East Research Center, the first virtual network specialized in publishing and indexing the proceedings of conferences held in Arabic, Turkish, English and French. The network specializes in high quality research in various fields such as rights, literature, law, education, arts, economics, administration, engineering, health, Any other specializations or activities. The network provides quick and inexpensive method to conference organizers to publish the proceedings of their conferences so that their research is indexed and available free of charge to the largest number of researchers. Arab Conferences Network provides excellent services to Arab universities and research institutes that seek to organize academic conferences of international quality. The network encourages scientific research and builds bridges of cooperation between researchers. The publication contributes to the construction of an impact factor for the research paper and allows it to appear in scientific plagiarism programs as well as statistics on the number of research visits based on the statistics of the International Organization for Numbering and Follow-up Research electronically .

The network offers services that are the first of its kind in the Arab world

  1. Publishing and archiving the conference's research papers in a special issue on the Arab Conference Network so that all researchers can read and download free of charge and cite these papers when needed, with the help of intelligent systems that help the researcher to obtain citation formats compatible with the global citation patterns.
  2. Indexing the research papers published with Google Scholar, assigning a specific code to each research paper, and an electronic address for each publication. The database is open access and is compatible with the Open Archives Initiative OAI Archive and cataloged at the library of Congress with an ISSN 2476-017X additionally it is cataloged in the WorldCat and Google Scholar as well as indexed in search engines.
  3. Statistics and research follow-up using QR-CODE Directly linked to the published research page on the Internet and shows the number and places of visitors to the published research paper and conference.
  4. A short URL for each research paper and the coding of research published on the network through Crossref for ease of reference and linking with them through an electronic number for each paper DOI number and a DOI number for each conference as well.
  5. Publishing the opening and closing sessions in video format and publishing the final recommendations of the conferences through the network.
  6. Special pages for participants in the Arab researcher portal.
  7. Formating templates ready for conference participants which can be downloaded through the web site and allow participants to easily format their research paper.
  8. The network allows conference organizers to provide a comprehensive coverage of conference proceedings through the publication of participants' posters, the proceedings of special sessions and seminars, and a comprehensive coverage of all activities within the conference.
  9. Easy access to the contents of the network from anywhere, since its an open source, which increases access to published research and increase the number of citation to these research papers which shall benefit researchers and conference organizers alike.

There are too many conferences held in the Middle East, specifically in Istanbul, what is so special about this conference, and why it is important to participate?

The answer to this question is summarized in the following points : -

First : - Regional and global umbrella

The conference is held under the umbrella of the Arab Conference Network®, a flagship program of the Middle East Research Center® under the umbrella of the American Research Foundation®, which aims to support scientific research and dissemination of knowledge in developing countries, thus contributing to supporting the economies of these countries and helping them to meet future challenges. The organizers of this conference are distinguished academics and researchers who hold the highest scientific degrees and are recognized in their fields of work. They work for a noble cause of supporting and unifying efforts to advance scientific research in the MENA region.

Second : - Indexing and support for open access publishing

The Arab Conference Network® is a pioneer program in the Middle East. It brings a range of new and important services for the Middle East researcher, including but not limited to, open electronic publishing, free access to knowledge, the establishment of a systematic methodology for measuring the impact of conferences held periodically, online indexing, leading to an increase of scientific citations of research published in languages other than English. In addition, the network assigns an electronic number to each research paper (DAO) DOI = 10.24897 / acn.64.68.XXX through its membership in Crossref, the network has a deposit number at the United States ISSN 2476-017X.

Third : - Exposure and Impact Factor for the researcher - H-index

What is currently taking place at many conferences in the Middle East is either the lack of interest in publishing conference papers, or neglecting research papers after the end of the conference. Some organizers may publish research in a conference brochure or on a magnetic disks that are sometimes given a book registration numbers such as ISBN. The publication of research in printed books or on CD-ROMs or even published on the website of the conference does not mean in any way that the scientific papers will be accessed by researchers, and does not help increase the citations of each researcher, but on the contrary lead to limited exposure. These books and CD-ROMs may be damaged or lost over time, and this will have a negative effect on the scientific output of researchers who have made strenuous efforts to bring these research papers to life. What we are providing at our conferences is the expedited publication of the proceedings of the conferences on the Internet through a system of scientific publishing indexed and supported by international research organizations and databases. It is preserved in databases with support systems that ensure that these researches are available for years and years to come. We also provide free and rapid access to these researches by other researchers, and thus increase the scientific citations of these researches, which will increase the coefficient of influence for each researcher H-index.

Fourth : Ensuring Authors Copyrights

The traditional and current method of publishing scientific research allows for immoral researchers to steal the scientific output of their peers and attribute it to themselves, through the publication in conferences or scientific journals that do not have the capabilities nor the resources to access these books or CDs which are scattered in libraries or authors offices, to make sure that the research is authentic. These immoral practices by a minority of researchers shall reflect psychological, moral and professional damage to the original owner of the research, who often can not prove his ownership of his research which was published in conferences that do not publish proceedings on-line nor index the proceedings properly. Therefore, the participation of researchers in any of the network conferences will ensure that they retain their rights as researchers and authors or inventors of their scientific output, since the publication through the network will assign a specific number for each scientific paper (DOI). Through the non-profit and global organization Crossref, so that the full information and location of the paper is recorded through a number that is originally a link indicating where the search first appeared on the Internet on the Arab Network Network. The publication in the network does not restrict the rights of ownership to the network, but it remains the property of the original researcher and these are the main pillars on which the network rely on. This unique feature opens up the possibility for researchers to benefit from the results of their research, either by developing it in the future into a scientific paper published in academic journals or relying on the development of investment projects that can be registered in the future as global patents .

Online Publication




Special Sessions

Authors interested in participating with a paper in a special session need to send their abstracts to the email address of the session chair as indicated below:-

Session Chair: Dr. Banu Cogecol

Session Title: Nerual Networks
Please send you abstract to:

Session Chair: Prof. Khalil Yaghi

Session Title: Arab Conference Network and Impact Factor
Please send you abstract to:

Session Chair: Dr. Muna Rasheed

Session Title: Strategies for Marketing Scientific Output
Please send you abstract to:

Session Chair: Dr. Hanan Bsharah

Please send you abstract to:

Session Chair: Ayse Cock

Session Title: Ethically Aligned Design in the Algorithmic Era
Please send you abstract to:

Session Chair: Dr. Abubakar Adamu Masama

Session Title: Intellectual and literary achievement through the traces of the Nigerian Scholar Abdullah bin Foudi
Please send you abstract to:

Session Chair: Prof. Samer Barakat

Session Title: The use of Blokchain technology in the authentication of scientific reserach
Please send you abstract to:

Session Chair: Dr. Sami K. Hasan

Session Title: Signal Processing Advances in Networking, Communication and Control Systems
Please send you abstract to:

Session Chair:Prof. Ibrahim Alemary, Maysa Ibrahim Yousef

Innovative thinking methods, creativity and innovation strategies
Please send you abstract to:

Moctar Baba Ahmed

Thé impacts Chinguit s Mahadras(coranic shool) in thé islamic word ... Between the past and the present
Please send you abstract to:


The Preparatory Committee receives research and abstracts in Microsoft Word format via e-mail

Important dates

Abstract and Full Papers Deadlines
Abstract Deadline10/5/2018
Full Paper Deadline10/7/2018
Conference Date17- 18/7/2018
Conference Fees
Registration Deadline30/5/2018
Eraly Bird Fees before 22/5/2018$ 290 Dollars
Fees after 22/5/2018$ 400 Dollars
Fees after 30/5/2018$ 550 Dollars
Virtual Presentation$ 200 Dollars
Attendnace Only (No Paper)$ 200 Dollars

Important Notes :

Registration is only confirmed when full payment is received.
Registrants paying by bank transfer should take into consideration that all bank charges will be for the registrants account. This also applies for payments made through online systems.

For each accepted paper, At least one author must register and pay the full registration fees. Completed registration is required for all accepted papers that are to be included in the conference proceedings.

Cancellation Policy :

If cancellation is necessary for any reason, a written notification to the conference organizers is required no later than 8 weeks from event date for a refund of actual registration fees paid, less a 50% cancellation fee + processing charges + Blcokchain fees of 50 USD. No refunds will be made for cancellations 6 weeks or less before event date.

Refunds are not available for those who do not cancel and do not attend. Written notification of cancellations should be sent by email to conference organizers. You may change your registration information or make substitutions without penalty at any time up to the start of the conference. To make changes to your registration information, email a request to the conference organizers.

Please note that we are not able to arrange visas for participants. We advise all participants to check with the nearest host country embassy whether or not a visa is needed. If you are likely to need a visa, we recommend that you make your application as soon as possible.

Tracks of the 9th International Academic Scientific Conference

Cultural Anthropology
Social Anthropology
Integrated Human Geography
Political Science
International Relations
Public Administration
Public Policies
Social Psychology
Rural / Urban Economy
Human Behavior
Organization, education and history
Human Zoology
Area Studies
Business Studies
Cognitive Sciences
Communication Studies
Community Studies
Cultural Studies
Development Studies
Food Studies
Gender Studies
Global Studies
History of Technology
Human Ecology
Information Science
International Studies
Media Studies
Public Health
Regional Studies
Science and Technology Studies
Science Studies
Political Ecology
Political Economy
History of Science
Social Service
Special Needs
Environmental Social Sciences
Environmental Studies
Philosophy of Science
Planning of Land Use
Human Sciences.
Energy Storage
Computing Techniques
Nuclear Technology
Artificial Intelligence
Engineering and Materials Science
Visual Engineering
Environmental Technology
Waste Recycling
Semiconductor Technology
Engineering Physics
Ceramic Engineering
Precision Machine
Quantitative Computing
Reproduction or biological reproduction
Genetic engineering
Arts and Language
Communication techniques
Graphics techniques
Musical techniques
Visual techniques
Digital design technology
Digital drawing technology
Business and Information
Information Technology
Rifles and immunity
Military techniques and equipment
Home Appliances
Household Techniques
Techniques and Food Products
Applied Engineering
Agricultural Engineering
Biomedical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Biochemical Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Electronic Engineering
Communication Engineering
Production Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Mechatronics Engineering
Petroleum Engineering
Computer Engineering
Environmental Engineering
Industrial Engineering
Materials Engineering
Mining Engineering
Shipbuilding Engineering
Nuclear Engineering
Systems Engineering
Textile Engineering
Food Engineering
Aerospace Engineering
Software Engineering
Biomedical Engineering
Health Techniques
Pharmacology Transportation Aviation
Aerospace Engineering
Automotive Engineering
Marine Architecture
Space Technology
Traffic Engineering
Transportation Engineering

Conference Venue

DoubleTree by Hilton Istanbul Topkapi
Ortamahalle Mahallesi, Anıt Sokağı No:1, 34040 Bayrampaşa/İstanbul, Turkey
+90 212 942 27 00

Istanbul - Turkey

Contact Information

All correspondence should be directed to President of the Conference / Chairman of the Preparatory Committee
Arab Conferences Network®
e-mail - ISAC2018@kmshare.net