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International Fellowship Program in Arbitration and Scientific Assessment

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The International Academic Arbitrator and Scientific Assessor – IAASA Fellowship Program of the American Research Foundation offers Researchers, PhD holders, and Academicians the opportunity to become a Research Fellow of the American Research Foundation and to work on Scientific Arbitration Cases and the Evaluation and Assessment of Scientific Research for a full year, leading to the acquiring of the Professional Certificate of “International Academic Arbitrator and Scientific Assessor”.

The fellowship program aims at the establishment and the development of Academic and Scientific Arbitration and Assessment as a recognized profession, working in line with universal scientific and professional standards. The program is launched in partnership with the Strategic Research Society – SRS, International Strategic Research Think Tank – ISRTT and the Graduate Research Achievement Test – GRAT.

The fellowship program is one of the most important tools for the scientific empowerment and cognitive rehabilitation for scientific arbitration of practitioners, researchers and academics, which necessarily lead to building a nucleus of scientific arbitration professionals based on solid scientific and professional foundations.

The fellow becomes part of an elite group of international arbitrators affiliated with the American Research Foundation in addition to obtaining the title of “Scientific Fellow” of the American Research Foundation.

Program Qualifications
  • To join the program, an applicant must possess a PhD degree at the minimum. In some limited cases, graduate students and holders of graduate certificates may be admitted if they have extensive academic and research experience.
  • Applicants whose qualifications exceed this minimum requirement (e.g., Professors and Associate Professor) shall be given high preference in the selection process.
  • Experience in Research review and arbitration is a plus.
Fellowship Dates

Fellowships are annual and start at the first month the fellowship is activated.

Acceptance to the Fellowship Program

ARF is highly selective in its acceptance process. Although there is no limit on the number of fellowships admitted each year, not all qualified applicants shall be granted a fellowship status. ARF shall notify successful applicants about the outcome of their applications one month in advance of their fellowship. This allows them to arrange the payment of their annual fellowship fees of ($150 USD) ahead of time.

Applying for IAASA Certificate

ARF Fellows can apply for the Professional Certificate of “International Academic Arbitrator and Scientific Assessor” after six months of their admittance into the fellowship program. The certification committee at the American Research Foundation shall review each application thoroughly and only applicants achieving the required number of points as outlined in the IAASA Certification Handbook shall be award the professions IAASA certification. The certification handbook is available for download from within the fellows account with ARF.

Additional Information  

Fellowships are awarded to individuals with outstanding academic and/or professional records who meet the qualifications outlined above, and who seek affiliation and international arbitration experience with the American Research Foundation.

ARF does not follow a formal interview process in selecting applicants, however a representative or a member of the fellowship committee may contact the applicant by phone or e-mail if further information is needed with regard to the application.

Although fellows considered of ARF International Fellows Board, they are not considered formal staff members of ARF and do not receive any compensation for their participation in activities requested by ARF. All tasks are based on volunteer basis. A fellow must not expect to receive any financial or any other type of compensation for being a fellow of ARF.

It is highly advisable for fellows to have adequate financial resources to participate in meetings, forums or conferences if selected by ARF to participate in their capacity as a fellow of the American Research Foundation.


The fellowship program is administred by the Arab Conference Network in the Middle East region. To learn more please visit the following link: